iAfrica Foundation iLearnabout

Powering conservation education programs for kids

iLearnabout is a new and exciting project of the iAfrica Foundation, intended to fill a crucial gap in the educational needs of primary school children and teachers in Sub-Saharan Africa.

This will be a first in providing a comprehensive, immersive, and positive learning program designed to inspire and enable practical action for conservation.

The iLearnabout content on conservation is intended to supplement, not displace, existing elements of national curricula. It will be designed to be taught as extracurricular lessons outside of school hours in after school clubs. The intention is to provide engaging, relevant, age and culture-appropriate, digital content that primary schools, teachers and other interested parties can access for FREE. Each module will be freely available online, suitable for print format and downloadable for offline use on mobile phones, tablets, computers and projectors.

Digital content will be gender balanced, developed mindful of numeracy and literacy challenges and deliver topics aligned with the UN Sustainable Development Goals. Modules will include Water and Sanitation, Sustainable Agriculture, Wildlife Conservation, Climate Change and Financial Literacy, amongst others.

The iLearnabout team is currently liaising with national education and conservation authorities, schools, and NGO’s already active in this space and is encouraged by the interest and support expressed so far. The Wildlife and Environmental Conservation Society of Zambia and Wildlife Clubs of Kenya have expressed their support for the development and implementation of iLearnabout education materials and are currently working with the team on a pilot project. Once finalized, materials will be disseminated as widely as possible through all appropriate available channels, including after school clubs and local NGO and community initiatives.

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