Unite the World With Africa Foundation

Unite the World with Africa Foundation is a US based 501(c)3 which supports education, health and micro-finance programs in Tanzania. The foundation works to identify, vet, raise funds for and manage a variety of programs and projects in Tanzania.

To date, Unite has provided beds, nets, solar lamps, rain water harvesting systems, water purification systems, food relief, education funds, building renovations, comprehensive sanitation systems, and more. One of the projects that Unite oversees is The Heaven School located at the St. Joseph’s Orphanage and in Kiserian Village, Tanzania.

The Heaven School is a private English school that is currently serving children in nursery through Standard 1 (~ages 5 to 8) in three classrooms. The school is championed by Sister Crispina who started the school to educate the nearly 50 orphans who call St Joseph’s home. St. Joseph’s receives children up to age 3 who have been abandoned or who have lost their parents, often due to HIV/AIDS. Currently there are 49 orphans living at the orphanage, of which 15 attend school on a daily basis. The other 34 of the students who attend the school are from the local village and pay school fees.

Grant #1 – August 2015

Empowers Africa made a grant to Unite the World with Africa Foundation to build extra classrooms at The Heaven School at St. Joseph’s Orphanage in Kiserian Village, Tanzania. By building extra classrooms at The Heaven School, the goal is to increase school capacity to approximately 270 children from ages 5-13.