Unizulu Science Center

The UNIZULU Science Centre (USC) is an interactive center operating under Zululand University in South Africa. The center has been open for over 25 years and approximately 3,000 students visit annually. USC has been conducting outreach science and math programs to underprivileged communities in South Africa in order to bring science to communities and schools that otherwise wouldn’t be able to visit the science center. The outreach program has grown to the scale of a small science center.

Grant #1 – September 2015: Empowers Africa made a grant to USC for the implementation of a new interactive math exhibit to supplement its existing science exhibits. Funds will go towards materials to build the exhibits and to develop programs around them. With this grant the science center will grow to serve not only scientific discovery but also mathematical comprehension among this underserved demographic of children.

Grant #2 – August 2016: This year’s grant from Empowers Africa will aid in maintaining the exhibits at USC including the recently implemented interactive math exhibit. Specifically, we direct our support to USC’s guided tours and interactive exhibits. In effect, this grant will aid in the advancement of USC’s efforts for scientific discovery and mathematical comprehension among this demographic of disadvantaged communities.

Grant #3 – September 2016: Empowers Africa continued its support for the Unizulu Science Center with a grant to help fund the new interactive math exhibit at the Center.