About Empowers Africa

Empowers Africa is a U.S. public charity under IRC Section 501(c)(3) that supports programs in the areas of human empowerment, wildlife protection and land conservation in sub-Saharan Africa.

The organization partners with some of the most effective organizations on the ground in Africa whose efforts create lasting and sustainable change. Since inception, Empowers Africa has granted to over 35 organizations in 15 countries. The foundation’s focus is on:

  1. funding programs in communities that surround protected conservation and wildlife areas or World Heritage Sites
  2. funding programs in urban communities where tourism is a strong source of development and
  3. funding programs that support the protection of wildlife and land conservation


We support programs that empower communities by improving access to education, healthcare and business opportunities. We also support programs that protect wildlife and land conservation because we believe protecting Africa’s natural wealth is critical to the empowerment of the surrounding communities. We select projects that are community-led, measurable and sustainable.