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“Education is the most powerful tool which you can use to change the world” – Nelson Mandela

Africa is one of the only regions in the world where the youth population is increasing. Education is paramount to the success of the continent, both in terms of understanding conservation and biodiversity, but also for providing employment and livelihood opportunities. We fund projects that support all stages of education as well as innovative learning practices, improvements to infrastructures, and student scholarships.


The biggest issues on the African continent, from education to economic empowerment, healthcare to wilderness conservation, are all inextricably linked and without the support of one, it is less likely the others will succeed. As a result, we work with projects on the ground that focus on healthcare. This includes providing clean water to rural areas and critical medical supplies to rural health clinics.

Small Business Development

Grassroots economic empowerment not only arms Africa’s population with entrepreneurial tools, but also, in many cases, removes obstacles to progress. At Empowers Africa, we are committed to supporting local projects such as agricultural initiatives, womens’ cooperatives and bee-hive schemes, and providing long-term skills that will last a lifetime and benefit generations of families.

Covid Relief

Since the advent of Covid-19, we are committed to raising funds for Covid-19 relief across Africa for the communities and areas that have been worst affected. Donations will go directly towards those living without food and medicine in these times of crisis.

Wildlife Protection Program General

It is a devastating and very real fact that some of Africa’s most iconic residents, like the elephant and the rhino, could be extinct in our lifetime. At Empowers Africa, we support projects that focus on the protection of wildlife and land conservation, including habitat expansion, wildlife translocation, anti-poaching efforts and rewilding projects, as well as rhino and elephant sanctuaries.

Elephant Conservation & Protection

The world’s largest terrestrial mammals, African savannah elephants, were declared Endangered in 2021 by the IUCN, whilst forest elephants (found in the rainforests of central Africa) are Critically Endangered. The ivory trade is a huge threat to their future, alongside human-wildlife conflict and habitat loss. We support projects across the continent that focus on anti-poaching efforts, collaring and more to mitigate these threats, as well as with elephant sanctuaries who re-wild orphaned elephants.

Rhino Conservation & Protection

The icons of conservation in Africa, both black and white rhino are under constant threat from poachers in the wild and the survival of both is of utmost concern. Efforts to save rhino from extinction range from destroying the supply chain, breaking the demand, de-horning rhinos, translocations, intelligence operations and more. We support projects including, anti-poaching patrol salaries, the notching of and insertion of GPS microchips in rhinos for anti-poaching purposes, funding of hi-tech surveillance equipment, medical and reproductive strategies, and rhino sanctuaries that provide rehabilitation and care for orphaned rhinos.

Wild Dog Conservation & Protection

Across Africa, populations of once-widespread African wild dogs, also known as painted dogs, are steadily decreasing. Elusive but extremely recognizable, the principal threat to the dogs is human-wildlife conflict, primarily farmers who believe them to be a threat to livestock. Habitat fragmentation is also an increasing concern. Donations to the organizations that work to save wild dogs will go towards mitigation of conflict through monitoring efforts and the education of communities living closely to populations.

Birds Of Prey Conservation & Protection

In today's ever-changing and increasingly human dominated world, birds of prey need a helping hand in order to survive. In this field, collaboration is key and we work with organizations that not only focus on the rescue and rehabilitation of key species and other practical solutions, but that also utilize educational tools and foster relationships with communities to achieve their goal of raptor conservation.

Cheetah Conservation & Protection

The cheetah is currently listed on the IUCN Red List as a vulnerable species and it is estimated that there are only around 7000 left in the wild, with a stronghold in Southern Africa. At Empowers Africa, we support cheetah conservation projects that tackle the key issues of habitat loss, human-wildlife conflict and competition with other large predators, through translocations for genetic diversity and habitat expansion initiatives.

Pangolin Conservation & Protection

Holding the dubious reputation as the most trafficked mammal in the world, insatiable demand for pangolin’s unique scales is driving the beautiful creatures to extinction. We support projects that collaborate with wildlife stakeholders and law enforcement officers to address wildlife crime, contribute towards much-needed research, and implement protection and rehabilitation projects on the ground.

Gorillas & Other Great Apes Conservation & Protection

Large primates are primarily at threat from forest degradation and political instability in and around their habitats. This affects both mountain gorillas and Western lowland gorillas. Conservation of the species requires a multi-pronged attack and at Empowers Africa we support projects that address anti-poaching, community and tourism development, habitat expansion and transboundary collaboration across protected areas.

Lion Conservation

Undoubtedly one of the continent’s most iconic species, the African lion is in danger. It is estimated that three quarters of the populations on the continent are under threat in some way. At Empowers Africa, we support projects that focus not only on immediate conservation of individual species but wider management strategies and have been involved in two lion relocations, one to Somkhanda Game Reserve in South Africa and a second to Akagera National Park in Rwanda.

Land Conservation

Land conservation is the process of protecting crucial wildlife habitats. Across Africa, land is subject to degradation and over-development and it is essential to either stop these processes or mitigate the effects. This is most pertinent in areas of East and Central Africa in which the forests that are home to the mountain gorilla are being destroyed at an alarming rate. Land conservation can also involve the removal of alien and invasive species to return land to its natural state, educating rural communities in sustainable land use and natural resource management, and establishing safe havens for wildlife.

Sponsor Primary Education Costs

Sponsor a child to complete their primary education through the Children in the Wilderness (CITW) Scholarship Programme. The Programme provides funding for the necessary school fees and uniform, stationery and other school expenses.

Cost for a Primary School student per annum: $175 per student
($100 for uniforms, $60 for tuition, and $15 for stationery)

Sponsor Secondary Education Costs

Sponsor a child to complete their secondary education through the Children in the Wilderness (CITW) Scholarship Programme. The Programme provides funding for the necessary school fees and uniform, stationery and other school expenses.

Cost to sponsor a Secondary School student per annum: $250 per student
($120 for uniforms, $90 for tuition, and $40 for stationery)

Cost to sponsor a Secondary Boarder per annum: $500 per student
($120 for uniforms, $90 for tuition, $40 for stationery, and $250 for boarding)


If you do not have a specific project in mind, please consider giving a general donation. Empowers Africa supports programs in the areas of education, healthcare, small business development, wildlife protection and land conservation across Sub-Saharan Africa. We look for programs run by well-run, successful organizations who can help us achieve our mission and by giving a general donation, we will give it to the organization we feel would benefit most at the time.

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