Winifred (Wini) Kinney

Wini earned her BA at Dartmouth College, an MBA at Stanford University. Currently a retired
mother of six grown young men, Wini’s prior career included work in finance, operations, and
marketing for both global and closely held businesses. She has served on corporate as well as
non-profit boards. Wini has lived in New York City, Palo Alto, Dallas, Miami and Madrid and
she enjoys immersing herself in new cultures and outdoor experiences.

Wini and her husband’s philanthropic efforts have shifted from education to small community
assistance. They recently helped build a new EMT/Fire station in rural New Hampshire and
expanded its reach significantly through improved communications technology. They have
funded a small community’s ice rink. Wini volunteers at the DHMC addiction treatment center.
Wini has visited eight African countries and is particularly drawn to Empowers Africa’s human
empowerment endeavors in leadership, community and public health. A recent trip to Southern
Africa engendered a strong desire to conserve and protect its wild life and its habitat.