Empowers Africa Announces a Grant for USD 5,000 to South Africa College for Tourism

Empowers Africa awarded a USD 5,000 grant to South Africa College for Tourism (operating under Peace Parks Foundation) for their Women in Hospitality Program to fund boarding, lodging, training, uniforms and other costs of the female entrants. Every year SACT selects 90 young women and 16 young men – all unemployed and from impoverished rural backgrounds – and sponsors them for a yearlong training course in hospitality service skills (“Women in Hospitality”) and in the age old traditional art of tracking animals in the wild (the “Tracker Academy” for men). We are very proud to be working with SACT and their innovative training programs that are leading to the advancement of women and men and Africa’s tourism industry.
More than 95% of the graduates have been deployed in either full time employment, one-year long internships and/or in further education and training programs with hospitality establishments across the Southern African sub-continent.SACT is the first training center in Southern Africa to focus its training program on the development of operational and management skills for the lodge and guesthouse industry.
Although Africa currently accounts for only 4% of the global tourism market, the continent’s wealth of natural diversity offers a unique opportunity to expand this market through nature-based tourism. In order to capitalize on the rapid growth of tourism worldwide, ecotourism destinations in Africa – and southern Africa specifically – needs professional staff and the necessary infrastructure to cater for those who come to experience Africa’s natural wonders. The SA College for Tourism has recognized these opportunities and provides professional training for hospitality staff and trackers.