Empowers Africa Introduces Fiscal Sponsorship

Empowers Africa has introduced a fiscal sponsorship program that enables its partners in Africa to accept tax deductible donations from U.S. donors through Empowers Africa’s established 501(c)(3). Founding partners, Wilderness Wildlife Trust (WWT) and Children in the Wilderness (CITW), support a wide variety of conservation and environmental education projects across Africa. The partnership with Empowers Africa will provide WWT and CITW with a cost effective solution to fundraising in the United States.
Empowers Africa plans to add additional fiscal sponsorship partners and will continue to seek out partners that have a proven track record in sustainable programs in Africa. “We have supported and admired Wilderness Wildlife Trust and Children in the Wilderness for many years and are thrilled to make them our first partners in this program,” says Empowers Africa founder Krista Krieger. “Setting up this fiscal sponsorship program was the logical next step as we expand the reach of our foundation and offer meaningful support to foundations on the ground in Africa.”
The conservation and research projects WWT supports addresses the needs of existing wildlife populations, seeks solutions to save endangered species and provides education and training for local people and their communities. The Trust supports 25 projects annually focusing on three key areas: research and conservation, community empowerment and education, and anti-poaching and management. In partnership with Wilderness Safaris and the Botswana Government, WWT is responsible for the largest cross-border translocation of critically endangered black rhino from South Africa and Zimbabwe to Botswana where they now remain much safer from the threat of poaching.
CITW’s overall goal is to facilitate sustainable conservation through leadership development of rural children. What began as a camp education program in 2001, has grown to include eco-clubs, eco-mentor training, a youth environmental stewardship program and scholarships. Each year more than 500 children are hosted by Wilderness Safaris and partner camps, more than 2,500 participate in eco-clubs and the scholarship program supports more than 300.
“Donations from the U.S. are vital in supporting our programs on the ground. We have found a natural fit in Empowers Africa to help us multiply those donations to most importantly enable us to continue making a positive difference to conserving Africa’s pristine wilderness and natural heritage, whilst empowering rural communities,” says Russel Friedman, Wilderness Wildlife Trust Chairman.