Grant Announcement: Wildlands

We are proud to announce a grant of USD 14,381 to Wildlands in South Africa to support its conservation efforts. This grant will provide the financial support needed for lion, wild dog, rhino and elephant conservation work. Specifically, the grant will primarily support the collaring and monitoring of the northern KwaZulu-Natal populations of the aforementioned species.
Wildlands supports a multitude of programs implemented across six provinces in South Africa. The foundation’s efforts concentrate on developing “robust ecosystems that underwrite human wellbeing and sustainable development” (Wildlands). In order to do so, Wildlands focuses its efforts towards generating sustainable natural resources and eco-friendly projects to confront environmental degradation and poverty.
These conservation efforts will primarily take place in Somkhanda Game Reserve. This site, spanning over 30,000 acres and located roughly 50km outside Swaziland, is home to a a mass of endangered species and environmentally-threatened bushveld.
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