Healing Hands of Joy

Empowers Africa is pleased to announce the opening of a third rehabilitation center by one of our partners in Ethiopia, Healing Hands of Joy (HHOJ).
HHOJ’s goal is to radically reduce obstetric fistula in Ethiopia by 2020. Equally important, HHOJ’s goal is to see fistula survivors empowered to successfully reintegrate as self-sustainable contributors to their communities and educators in safe delivery. The foundation works in conjunction with the Addis Ababa Fistula Hospital at its regional center. Addis Ababa hospital was formed in 1974 and has since treated more than 43,000 women in fistula obstetrics. They have 5 regional centers that treat more than 3,000 cases per year.
The Bonnie & Charles Evans and Empowers Africa Center is located in SNNPR (which stands for South Nations, Nationalities and People’s Region). This region is located in the Southern area of Ethiopia where there is a great need for rehabilitation and reintegration services for women with fistula. According to the survey conducted by the Ministry of Health in 2015, the SNNPR region has the second highest number of women with suspected cases of fistula as compared to other regions.
The center has already trained 20 fistula survivors in two rounds since its establishment this summer, and the plan is to reach 70 fistula survivors within the first year. Our staff will be conducting 6 community outreach activities to address issues related to causes and treatment of fistula, healthcare during pregnancy and reintegration support to fistula survivors.