Instagram – Apr 22, 2021 @ 13:21

The last year hasn’t been easy for any of us, but under the surface of the COVID-19 crisis, there have been some incredible developments in the natural world. Thanks to the absence of humans, traffic, and the pressures of the modern world, wildlife began to roam the streets of Cape Town, the Himalayas became visible from the north Indian city of Jalandhar for the first time in years as the smog cleared, and the gorillas in East and Central Africa enjoyed a baby boom over lockdown.⁣

Today, join us in celebrating Earth Day. This year’s theme is “Restore our Earth”, and the focus is on what we as humans can do to repair and replenish. So, join us in remembering what we have achieved so far, but also thinking about the future and how we can ensure the survival of our incredible planet and all the species that call it home.⁣

Image by @blackbeanproductions on assignment for @biglifeafrica in Kenya⁣

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