Instagram – April 16th, 2020

It’s not yet confirmed if our closest relatives, the great apes, are at risk from coronavirus but considering the genes we share, it’s highly likely. ⁣

Reassuringly, gorilla tourism has been stopped all over Africa and the gorillas across the parks and sanctuaries are being looked after extremely well by people and organisations like the @gorilladoctors

We cannot thank you enough for keeping these incredible creatures safe ❤️ 🦍
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On April 9th Dr. Gaspard conducted a health check of Kwitonda group in Volcanoes National Park, Rwanda. The group spent most of the time in dense vegetation or up in trees but Dr. Gaspard was able to observe 34 of the 35 individuals in the group and they are in overall good health! Pictured is Urugori, the infant of Kibeyi.

​Gorilla Doctors veterinary care is considered an essential service during the COVID-19 pandemic so we continue our health checks monitoring and clinical interventions to treat ill or injured gorillas. To learn more about the safety measures we’re taking to protect the health of our staff and the gorillas check out our blog at the link in profile.