Instagram – April 22nd, 2020

We thought long and hard about how to sum up #EarthDay today and what it means for us in the current world situation. Then, we came across these wise words by our friends and partners African Parks and had to share them. If there was ever a time to protect nature, it is now…⁣ 🌍❤️

From @africanparksnetwork – 50 years ago, #EarthDay was born out of a movement to protect environmental health for the sake of people and the planet. Today, as a pandemic sweeps across the globe, the message is louder than ever – we depend on nature for our own survival. While COVID-19 has come from nature, it is our own actions that unleashed it. Our insatiable demand for space and resources has caused habitat destruction and the over-exploitation of wildlife, which we know is linked to the rise of infectious diseases. If there was ever a case to protect nature, it is now. ⁣

Photo by @willbl