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Another 3 new Northern white rhino embryos have now been created, making a total of 12!⁣

In another exciting step towards the future of the northern white rhino, Ol Pejeta are delighted to announce that the @biorescue_project team have created THREE more pure northern white rhino embryos after a successful ovum pick-up procedure earlier this month – bringing our total to 12!⁣

Immediately after the oocyte retrieval, 17 eggs were airlifted to Avantea laboratory in Italy to be fertilised and cryo-preserved. Two embryos were produced using semen from Suni and in another fantastic breakthrough, the scientists at Avantea were also able to fertilise an embryo using semen from Angalifu, a male northern white rhino who died in 2014. This breakthrough is extremely significant as it adds the genetics of an unrelated individual to the cryo-preserved population.⁣

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Images by: @riothephotographer ⁣

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