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Today is World Lion Day 🦁

Popularly known as the kings of jungle, lions are one of the most iconic of the African Big Five. These big cats belong to the Panthera genus and are a member of the Felidae family. African lions have long been revered as symbols of courage and strength. They are enormous animals who are second in size only to tigers in the big cat family, and their majestic roars can be heard from up to five kilometers away.

Although there is a population of nomadic lions, most lions live in social groups ranging from two to forty, known as prides. While male lions defend their territory, the female lions are primary hunters and leaders of the pride while simultaneously raising their cubs communally.

Historically, African lions roamed most of Africa and parts of Asia and Europe. However, the species no longer exists in over 90% of its former range and is now localized to specific regions of sub-Saharan Africa. The main threats to this beautiful species are human-wildlife conflict, habitat destruction, illegal wildlife trade, and climate change. With less than 25,000 African lions left in the wild, they are officially categorized as vulnerable.

This World Lion Day, let us all come together to pay tribute to these animals and work towards conserving this phenomenal species!

If you would like to support the lion conservation efforts of our partner, @lionlandscapes, click the link in our bio.

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