Instagram – Aug 12, 2022 @ 08:30

Happy World Elephant Day!

Today is observed to celebrate one of the most magnificent creatures on earth and to raise awareness to protect them.

Elephant populations have decreased substantially over the past decade due to the ivory trade, human-wildlife conflict, and habitat loss. It is also estimated that more elephants are killed by poachers and trophy hunters than are born every year. The IUCN Red List of Threatened Species lists the African forest elephant as critically endangered and the African savanna elephant as endangered. But, with the current rate of decline, they could be mostly extinct by the end of the next decade.

Today, let us bring to light the issues threatening elephants. With only an estimated 415,000 elephants remaining across Africa, this international movement calls for establishing and supporting conservation measures to provide a safer place for elephants and their habitats so that future generations can also cherish these beautiful animals.

Make an impact on the life of elephants today by donating to our protection and conservation efforts at the link in our bio.

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