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These two images were taken only a few months apart and show the enormous difference in conditions in Kenya- from green and luscious to incredibly dry. And when the weather gets hotter and the land gets drier, attention turns to the wildlife of the national parks, and to poaching. For the aerial surveillance teams @sheldricktrust this is a busy time of year- and we thank you for your hard work, now and always.

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Kenya changes drastically between the rainy and dry seasons, and our pilots have a bird’s eye view as it all unfolds. Even at a glance, you can see the difference: The second photo was taken in March, at the height of unusually long and bountiful rains. The first photo, taken just a few weeks ago, shows how much things have dried up between now and then. Illegal activity typically increases as conditions become more challenging for humans and wildlife alike, so our Aerial Surveillance Unit is particular vigilant this time of year. Rain or shine, their daily patrols provide vital, unobtrusive protection for all manner of creatures in the Tsavo Conservation Area.

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