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We’ve all heard the statement that pangolins are the most trafficked animals in the world – and very sadly it’s true. ⁣

Some are rescued by organisations like @tikkihywoodfoundation and the effort that goes into looking after the animals is enormous. Our thoughts – and hearts – are with all those looking after this gorgeous gentleman. Thank you 🏼 ⁣

Posted @withregram • @tikkihywoodfoundation – Gamba, The Warrior, The Brave –

This gentle gentleman recently came to us starving and dehydrated after being rescued from attempted trade.

It has been very touch and go with him, we felt as though he may have truly been through and seen enough and was ready to leave behind the shock and cruelty and let go of life.

He has been slowly, slowly starting to eat again. And starting to trust again. Pangolins are extraordinarily intelligent – they learn when someone is trying to help them and they let them try.

It’s up to him whether he will choose to recover from being pulled from his home unexpectedly and mistreated.

With love, respect, care and attention – we hope to help him get there.

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