Instagram – August 14th, 2018

Thank you to all who attended our World Elephant Day celebration on August 12th at the Southampton Arts Center.
We screened three short films submitted by @africanparksnetwork @dswt and @pams_foundation which were then followed by a panel discussion with Toni Condon, Executive Director of African Parks, and Melissa Sciacca, Executive Director of the David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust. Stephen Ham from the Wildlife Conservation Society served as moderator. A big thank you also to our Vice Chair, Kim Charlton, for serving as Master of Ceremonies for the evening.
Finally, we are delighted to say that we raised over $3,500 from ticket sales and donations! 🙏🏼 @thekimcharlton @stephenham10 @bonpfeifer @marthamcguinness @michelejgradin @n.pearsondesign @kriegerhemingway @aishashaque @mcathowell @suzanneleydecker @chasingbeautywithdvn