Instagram – August 19th, 2018

Thank you @jamessuter for sharing these important words about the harsh reality of rhino poaching in our world today.
As James says, we need to spread the word and help people understand what a problem we have on our hands. It is up to us to be the change and ensure future generations can enjoy these animals too. If you would like to donate to any of our rhino protection programs on the ground, please also click on the link in our bio ❤️ 🦏 ・・・
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Orphaned rhino Balu. He was still emaciated at this stage, from being out in the bush alone without his mother for days. Rescued by the team at @hesc_endangeredspeciescentre – he is strong and healthy now.

So few people know how serious a problem rhino poaching currently is. We are losing hundreds of rhinos to the hands of poaching syndicates – so that their horns can be sold for huge amounts of money. If these animals were to go extinct it would not only be so sad, but also likely so hard for future generations to understand – that this happened and we ‘allowed’ it to. Brutal killings happening daily, and rhino calves left scared and alone. Without teams like @hesc_endangeredspeciescentre to save orphaned rhinos they die out in the wild. This is the reality we are facing.

Share this post, speak about it, report any suspicious activity. And donate if you can to those working hard on the ground to save every rhino that they can.

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