Instagram – August 7th, 2019

BREAKING NEWS: South Africa’s High Court rules lion bone export quota ‘unlawful’⁣

Today, just a few days before World Lion Day, the Gauteng High Court in Pretoria has ruled in favour of lions and the NSPCA in a ground-breaking judgement that saw Judge Jody Kollapen declare the exportation quotas of 800 lion bones in 2017 and 1,500 lion bones in 2018 to be “unlawful and constitutionally invalid”.⁣

South Africa’s controversial lion bone trade came under scrutiny as more breeders and farmers seek to export their lion carcasses for use in traditional medicines, with the welfare of the animals taking a back seat.⁣

@bloodlions had this to say about the news:⁣

“Today is a good one for lions and all those opposed to the predator breeding, canned hunting and exploitative tourism industries. In this ruling handed down yesterday in favour of the NSPCA, the predator breeding industry and government can no longer ignore animal welfare considerations. The ruling also questions the unilateral decision-making process the Department of Environmental Affairs (DEA) had used with regards to awarding lion bone quotas. The NSPCA and all those that supported them deserve significant credit for following through with this case.”⁣