Instagram – August 9th, 2018

In the run up to World Elephant Day this a Sunday, our feed is going to be all about these beautiful pachyderms.
Kicking us off is the fantastic news that the elephant population is steadily on the rise in @zakouma_national_park in Chad. Only 24 known elephant have been poached in the last 8 years and the total number is now 559, showing just what the right support on the ground can achieve. Cheers to that!! 🐘🐘🐘 #Repost @zakouma_national_park with @get_repost
During the April aerial survey in Zakouma, 109 elephant calves under 3 years were counted. We are delighted to see the elephant population in Zakouma grow once again, after years of ivory poaching decimated the elephants in the park. Through tremendous law enforcement efforts to secure the area there is once again a safe habitat in Chad where the elephants can thrive.
Photo @kyledenobrega
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