Instagram – Dec 22, 2021 @ 15:23

We were devastated to hear of the death of one of Tsavo’s iconic tuskers last week. Responding to an emergency call in the Kulalu Ranch, just outside the park, the teams were met with a heart-breaking scene: ‘Wide Satao’ was fully recumbent, with evidence of his struggles in the mud around him. The rain pelting down complicated proceedings and the team spent nearly seven hours trying to help the magnificent elephant to his feet.⁣

Despite coming close on four occasions, he lacked the strength for a final push to fully haul himself to standing. Tragically, he never got to his feet again and died at 9pm that night, with the teams by his side.⁣

Wide Satao had no signs of internal issues or life-threatening injuries. A weakened body condition after such a difficult dry season, coupled with the mire created by intense rain, contributed to his demise.⁣

We are so sorry to the teams at @sheldricktrust and @kws for your loss and applaud you for such an amazing effort.⁣

Images and story by @sheldricktrust

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