Instagram – December 13th, 2018

Forever in awe of the amazing team @dswt who have dedicated their lives to making a happier life for Kenya’s elephants. From the outside, their work is fantastic but this glimpse behind the scenes has given us even more respect, if that’s possible.
We are honoured and humbled work with such people. Never stop fighting! ❤️ 🐘
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While you might know us best for our work rescuing and raising elephants who have lost their mothers, but our field teams’ first priority is to keep these wild families together and spare calves the trauma of being orphaned. This was one such scenario; a mother of two had been speared in the side, leaving her with a septic wound and putting her whole family in danger. Our DSWT/KWS Mara Veterinary Unit rushed to her side to lend a helping hand, cleaning the injury, applying healing green clay, and administering antibiotics. All the while, her calves patiently stood by, with the elder of the two watching over its six-month-old sibling. The anesthetic was soon reversed and the mum was back on her feet and, most importantly, back with her family. #DSWTNotesFromTheField
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Photos © David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust
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