Instagram – December 14th, 2019

Most of us know of, or are at least aware of, the plight of rhino, elephant and lion. But what about the smaller creatures of the ecosystem? These cheeky Kalahari meerkats are sadly at risk of Africa’s increasing illegal pet trade. Read on to find out more and about the lady who has dedicated her life to helping them… #Repost @the_matriarchs with @get_repost
Meerkat populations throughout Africa have been plagued by the illegal pet-trade for years. As social animals, meerkats who are isolated from their social groups as pets often lash out and become extremely aggressive, which  often results in them being caged, abandoned, or abused. This is an extremely traumatising experience for these animals, one which very few are able to survive without intervention. After a visit to Namibia and witnessing firsthand the devastating impact of the illegal pet-trade, Professor Anne Rasa (@annerasa1 )decided to retire in Namibia and dedicate her life to saving meerkats and established Kalahari Trails. Over the last few years, Anne Rasa, has rescued, rehabilitated and released over 100 meerkats back into the wild. We will be sharing more about Professor Anne Rasa and her groundbreaking work as an Ethologist and pioneer in Mongoose studies, in our next blog, coming soon.
Captured by @jamessuter one of our very first @the_matriarchs shoots.