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We are always in awe of the partners we work with and how much time and effort they dedicate to the animals and wildlife of the continent. ⁣

This is the story of one of Tsavo’s incredible Super Tuskers (elephants with very long tusks), who was limping due to a suspected spear injury on his foot. With only 10 Super Tuskers currently left, it was all hands on deck to save him…⁣

Thank you to everyone involved; we are forever grateful 🏼

Posted @withregram • @tsavotrust A few days ago we got an urgent call to say IL1 was limping severely. A team was sent to assess the situation and reported back that this magnificent elephant was using his 100lb tusks as walking sticks, was obviously unwell and painfully suffering. It was evident that if no action was taken, Tsavo could potentially lose one of its “Super Tuskers”. With only 10 left in Tsavo it was all hands on deck.

Thanks to the combined efforts of Tsavo Trust and Masai Wilderness Conservation Trust (MWCT) and with KWS leading the operation, IL1 was safely immobilised and successfully treated. This magnificent bull elephant had been speared right through the left foot and the wound had become severely infected. Following the procedure IL1 was successfully revived and brought to his feet which was the best result for all involved. Tsavo Trust together with MWCT will continue to monitor IL1 and we are optimistic that he will make a full recovery.

Photos: Tsavo Trust

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