Instagram – February 10th, 2020

We are racing towards our Annual Event, which this year is on March 5th in New York City. We’re proud to be honouring three female change-makers working in the African conservation space. Last week, we introduced you to Elizabeth Babalola from @alueducation and now it’s the turn of the fabulous Angel Vandeline Namshali…⁣

Angel is the first female Tanzanian safari lodge manager in the Serengeti and manages Dunia Camp, a safari lodge run entirely by women. Angel has worked as the manager for four years, and is solely responsible for the camp, the activities, the staff and, of course, the guests. She believes that her all-female staff has been transformative in empowering women in the community, giving them the opportunity to work and have their voices heard⁣

Dunia Camp is supported by Asilia Giving, an organization that benefits people and nature alike by making bold, and often pioneering, investments into areas that are ecologically and economically vulnerable. ⁣

If you would like to visit Dunia Camp and see Angel and her team in action, standby for details on how to bid on the @asiliaafrica safari in our auction…⁣ And to buy tickets for the event on March 5th, click directly on the link in our bio. ⁣
Who run the world?!⁣ 👧🏾 👧🏽