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Caring for orphaned elephants is a round-the-clock, day in and day out commitment.⁣
At the @sheldricktrust Nursery, based in Nairobi National Park, rescued orphans are given a safe base and a loving environment to in a time of great need- and our human carers play a crucial role in helping the new arrivals through this difficult period. ⁣

Keepers offer unconditional love, emotional support and the learning experiences that each young elephant needs to grow. The Keepers care for the orphans 24 hours a day and this includes sleeping with the orphans during the night in their individuals stockades on a rotational basis so they do not feel alone.⁣

What incredibly special human beings ️⁣

Posted @withregram • @sheldricktrust As Doldol reminds us, we could all use a helping hand sometimes — or four helping hands, for that matter!

Doldol is the tiniest orphan we have ever rescued. Typically, a team of Keepers care for new rescues. However, a calf so small warranted extraordinary measures. We selected Mishak, one of our most experienced Keepers, to be on Doldol duty.
He was helped by a gifted new recruit named Peter, who became Doldol’s second parent.

This video was taken last January, a few weeks after Doldol was rescued. Over the past year, Doldol has grown in size (though not much!) and independence, but she remains besotted with Mishak and Peter. She is lucky to have such dedicated Keepers supporting her journey.

Foster parents also play an integral role in Doldol’s journey! To learn more about this special little elephant and how you can support her upbringing, tap our link in bio or visit:

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