Instagram – Jan 09, 2022 @ 13:12

A week ago today, on Sunday 2nd January, the conservation world lost a great figure in Richard Leakey. An eminent conservationist and paleoanthropologist, his discoveries of ancient human skulls and skeletons helped cement Africa’s standing as the cradle of humanity.⁣

In his conservation work, he was fiery and passionate. As the Chairman of the Board of the Kenya Wildlife Service, he ushered in a new era of conservation for the country and became a leading voice in Kenya’s anti-poaching campaign. In 1989, he drew international attention when he took a stand against the illegal ivory trade by helping to burn the country’s stockpile of 12 tons of ivory, confiscated from smugglers and poachers (pictured). The act was repeated in 2016.⁣

Thank you, Richard, for your incredible work and your dedication to conservation. You will be missed.⁣

Image via @sheldricktrust

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