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#didyouknow that rhino mothers are the sole carers for their young? The world is a wild and dangerous place for any young, but just imagine being a rhino out there! ⁣⁣
Ever more grateful for the people who dedicate their lives to looking after our endangered species and ensuring their survival ️
Posted @withregram • @olpejeta A moment we always treasure on Ol Pejeta is witnessing the incredible bond between a new-born white rhino calf and its mother.

Unlike elephants that have the safety of a herd, a rhino mother is solely responsible for rearing its young and they will remain by each other’s side for the first two to three years of the calf’s life.

By protecting white rhinos and their habitat we can give rhino mothers the best possible chance of raising the next generation of these remarkable animals.

Image credit: @brierley_grace

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