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@singita hitting the nail on the head when it comes to the future of tourism in Africa and how the way in which we travel will hopefully change for the better. ⁣⁣
We strongly believe that the safari travellers of the future will have a growing desire to participate in active conservation projects and contribute to the sustainable development of Africa’s fragile resources- but what will you look for when you can travel again? ⁣⁣

Posted @withregram • @singita_ One day, in the hopefully not-to-distant future, we will emerge from the global pandemic and find the world of tourism and travel changed forever.⁠

There will be a growing need for guest experiences that contribute positively towards climate commitments, biodiversity protection and sustainability, as well as providing sanctuary and respite for travellers, many of whom have had their lives turned upside down by recent events.⁠

At Singita, we see the alignment between conservation and the needs of our guests as central components to doing business. We believe that tourism can be a significant force for good and that is why our conservation commitment is supported by a low-impact, high-value nature-based tourism model, coupled with a minimal environmental footprint.⁠

You can read more of our thoughts on the time in which we find ourselves as a company and as part of the global population working towards “flattening the curve” for biodiversity conservation at the link in our bio.⁠

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