Instagram – Jan 17, 2023 @ 15:02

@careforwild have a new patient! And this time it’s not an orphaned rhino, but a tiny baby blesbok who was admitted to the ICU at the beginning of 2023. Despite some struggles with his body temperature (he often wears a little jacket to keep warm), the youngster is doing well and thriving under the watchful eye of the caregivers… ⁣⁣

Posted @withregram • @careforwild BLESBOK UPDATE

Our little Blesbok baby is doing well! He has not completely graduated from the Intensive Care Unit (ICU) just yet but he does walk down to the bomas in the morning where he spends the day nibbling on grass in the company of the caregivers. He is such a sweetie and just loves his walks. These walks are part of his rehabilitation programme and aim to develop his coordination, strength and stamina.

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