Instagram – Jul 14, 2022 @ 09:10

World Chimpanzee Day

Chimpanzees are the closest species to Homo sapiens in the animal kingdom, sharing around 98% of our genetic material. These mammals are extremely adaptable and can live in tropical rainforests, mountainous regions, or dry savannahs. However, wild chimpanzees only exist in Africa!

These creatures can live up to 80 years and are highly intelligent, even capable of learning sign language. They can also use items around them as tools, be it a rock to loosen a nut or a branch to dig for termites. Like their human counterparts, chimpanzees live in a society with complex familial structures, and each member has a unique personality. Chimps can exhibit emotions like anger, sorrow, and joy. They are significantly stronger than humans and can run surprisingly fast, capable reaching speeds of up to 25mph.

Currently, this gifted species is on the endangered list due to the severe depletion of habitat and other human activities such as mining and logging.

To help us protect and conserve Chimpanzees and other great apes, please visit our donation page at the link in our bio.

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