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The Film Festival is back for 2021, and this year we are hosting a screening of Black Bean Productions’ Edge of Existence in celebration of World Elephant and World Lion Day. Tickets can be purchased through the link in our bio for $15.⁣

The outdoor screening will take place at the Southampton Arts Center from 7:30 – 9:30pm on Sunday, August 8th and will include a showing of the @edgeofexistencefilm documentary, followed by a series of interviews with the filmmakers and leading conservationists. Click the link on our bio for more info.⁣

Edge of Existence, a feature-length documentary filmed and produced by Black Bean Productions, uncovers the untold story of human-wildlife conflict in Africa. A serious threat to wildlife and conservation areas, the conflict also affects the livelihood and wellbeing of many people, on a daily basis. It is an issue without a simple answer.⁣

Pictured is a series of images from photographer Sacha Specker, taken on location while filming the documentary.⁣

1. A member of the Grumeti Fund Anti-Poaching Unit collects and stores old wire snares. Wire snares are used by poachers to capture and trap animals. They are extremely dangerous and can cause irreversible damage to animals that were not the original target.⁣

2. A herd of elephants move across the Western Corridor of the Serengeti. ⁣

3. A man from a local village preparing bushmeat (poached antelope) on a fire outside his home. An antelope can feed a family for weeks and all parts of the animal will be used by the family. ⁣

4. The Grumeti Fund Law Enforcement’s Anti-Poaching Unit arrests a young man from a local community who has been caught poaching within the Grumeti Concession. ⁣

5. The Grumeti Fund Research and Monitoring team works to collar an elephant in the Grumeti Concession. Collaring is an effective way to monitor elephant movements to ensure they do not enter local villages, helping keep the elephant, crops and community members safe.

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