Instagram – July 21st, 2019

In celebration of World Elephant and World Lion Day at the beginning of August, and in conjunction with the exhibition on view at the Southampton Arts Center, National Geographic Photo Ark by @joelsartore , we invite you to join us for a series of inspirational short films on Sunday, August 11 at 6pm. A panel discussion will follow the films and the evening promises to be one filled with thought-provoking discussion, plenty of conservation – and a few cocktails too!⁣⁣
On the night, we will be showing:⁣⁣
• Reteti Elephant Sanctuary by @amivitale ⁣⁣
• Dave Mathews Visits Reteti Elephant Sanctuary by @amivitale ⁣⁣
• Maasai Olympics – Funded by Big Life Foundation/ Made by @BlackBeanProductions⁣⁣
• Lion Relocation – Funded by Empowers Africa / Made by @BlackBeanProductions ⁣⁣
• Tsavo Trust – Holistic Conservation by @tsavotrust ⁣⁣
• Last of the Big Tuskers – by James Currie, Greg Nelson, Tom Mahamba and Johan Marais⁣⁣
Please reserve your tickets through the link in our bio. Looking forward to seeing you on the 11th!⁣⁣ 🦁 🐘