Instagram – July 25th, 2018

Marine wildlife often goes under the radar when we talk of endangered species and wildlife conservation, but with 71% of the surface of the Earth covered in water, we should be taking notice! Thank you @africanparksnetwork for spreading the word about the endangered dugong that live in beautiful, turquoise waters of Bazaruto Archipelago National Park in Mozambique and for all your efforts to help protect them

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Endangered Humpback Dolphins play in the surf of Bazaruto Archipelago National Park in Mozambique. These picturesque islands which are a paradise sought after by many travellers, stretch across the Indian ocean. Offering a unique mix of luxury travel, adventure and the possibility to catch a glimpse of the endangered dugongs who live in Bazaruto. Bazaruto is home to the last viable population of dugongs, and these rare and elusive sea creatures are in urgent need of protection to ensure their survival. African Parks assumed management of Bazaruto in 2017 in partnership with ANAC to help save these extraordinary animals and protect this remarkable ecosystem. Our seafaring ranger team is already hard at work securing the surrounding waters, working with communities to ensure sustainable resource utilisation and ensuring a future where all who live in Bazaruto benefit from the park’s existence. Photo: @matttoddphotos #AfricanParks #Conservation #Mozambique #Ocean #Dolphins #travel #nature #sea #waves #instagood #photooftheday