Instagram – July 25th, 2020

The silent extinction. Did you know that only 3000-5000 Painted dogs remain in the wild across the entire African continent? Reasons are mainly due to habitat loss, human/wildlife conflict, predator competition and disease and thankfully not intentional poaching, but it’s still sad to see such a decline. ⁣

Read on to see what @sheldricktrust are doing to protect a small population in Tsavo National Park….⁣

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African wild dogs always make for a striking sight, but they’re an increasingly rare one. Human-wildlife conflict, habitat loss, and disease have taken their toll on the species, and estimates suggest that as few as 3,000 individuals remain in the wild. These stunning creatures look after their own — the entire pack shares food, supports ill or weak members, and raises pups together — and we are doing our part to look out for them, too. Tsavo is home to a small but thriving population of African wild dogs, which is vigilantly protected by our field teams.

To learn more about how we are addressing the challenges facing Africa’s most threatened species, visit:

Photos © Sheldrick Wildlife Trust / Mia Collis