Instagram – July 3rd, 2019

It’s an absolute privilege to work with organisations like the @grumetifund when things like this happen. Read on to find out what @sophy_roberts has to say about this special wilderness area on the edge of the Serenegti and those that work there…. #Repost @sophy_roberts with @get_repost
When Rian Labuschagne – one of Africa’s most highly regarded conservationists – first walked through Grumeti Reserve in 2002, he barely saw a single buffalo in five days. This buffer zone fringing Serengeti National Park had been obliterated by professional hunters, bushmeat traders and everyone else in between. Cut to 2019 – and an accumulated conservation spend of $50 million by the private donor-financed @grumetifund – and 20 per cent of elephants in the Serengeti ecosystem now pass through the reserve every year. They breed largely unmolested, as if they know they’re safe. This has much to do with an extraordinary donation made by the late Paul Allen’s company @vulcaninc: Earth Ranger technology, which is revolutionising the way in which the @grumetifund anti-poaching team operates. The system blinks and thinks in a secure logistics HQ to provide real time data across the whole reserve. I can’t film from inside that super-brain – but it’s poetry in technology on a species-saving scale.