Instagram – July 4th, 2018

In tremendously exciting news from @olpejeta , scientists have just announced a breakthrough to rescue the Northern white rhino from extinction. “We are witnessing the development of a method that can help to compensate the negative impact of humans on nature.” ❤️🦏 #repost @olpejeta with @get_repost
** BREAKING NEWS ** 🦏 🦏 🦏
Scientists in Europe Announce a Breakthrough to Rescue the Northern White Rhino

After the devastating death of Sudan earlier this year, this is the news we were waiting for. The first ever hybrid rhino embryo has been successfully created by a consortium of scientific organisations in Europe.
It is a huge breakthrough for the regeneration of the northern white rhinos. Using a southern white rhino egg and northern white rhino sperm, scientists have developed a valid embryo that has a strong chance of surviving to term. This means they have the technology and experience to replicate the procedure with pure northern white rhino genetics.


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