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Aardvarks are stocky, medium-sized nocturnal animals native to Africa that can be found in the savannas and semiarid areas in Sub-Saharan Africa. Their name comes from an Afrikaans word meaning “earth pig” because of their porcine snouts and burrowing habits.
These solitary animals spend most of their time underground and usually come out at night in search of food. They use their long snouts to sniff out ants and termites while their claws are strong enough to break open cement-hard termite mounds. If threatened away from their burrowing shelters, aardvarks can dig a hole out of sight of predators with their long, powerful claws in just five minutes.
Aardvarks are considered a keystone species as the well-constructed burrows they dig and abandon are later modified and used by other species, such as porcupines and hyenas for protection and to bring up their young 🤝

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