Instagram – Jun 08, 2021 @ 15:52

Isn’t there just something magical about a glittering ocean? Perhaps it’s the thought of the incredible life and biodiversity below the surface? Or the life-giving properties it provides for so many? ⁣

But the ocean also needs our help. Fish populations are being depleted, coral reefs are being destroyed, and we humans take more from the sea than we should. Join us today in celebrating #WorldOceansDay and pledging to protect our oceans. ⁣

Thank you to @timeandtideafrica and all our partners who support the safeguarding of the ocean across Africa 🏼⁣

Posted @withregram • @timeandtideafrica This World Ocean’s Day highlights the theme of The Ocean: Life + Livelihoods

At Miavana, amongst impossibly blue waters teeming with exotic marine species, we are committed to safeguarding our unique natural environment for many generations to come through the support of the Time + The Foundation.

These areas are for everyone and no one; to conserve them is our duty as humankind

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