Instagram – June 20th, 2018

Despite the sad passing of Sudan this year, the hard work and dedication of the @olpejeta rangers continues. Below is @jemu_mwenda , caregiver of the last two Northern white rhinos (and formerly Sudan) and a man who has dedicated his life to conservation and saving endangered wildlife in Kenya. Head over to his profile to read his inspirational words and take a peek behind the scenes at one of the most remarkable conservation projects of all time… 🦏🙌🏻 #Repost @jemu_mwenda with @get_repost
And so God Has added another year to me,I am so blessed.its been an year capped with so much happenings.Above all I thank God.

It couldn’t have been any better without all of you my friends.Our lives and living are characterized by us,mine by all of you,we are all a product of references.

What makes me happier is that My greatest desire to have my buddies’ voice slightly heard,was heard more than I comprehended.thanks for all those who believe in my thoughts and reflections and more so the hard lessons I have learnt from #Sudan that I have been sharing here.. For those who liked,commented,
shared,encouraged,supported and more so joined me in the walk of trying to voice out my friend,all I say is thank you.

The Faith I have this new year is that we continue sacrificing and doing our best to help the voiceless .more so let’s join hands and together we can win.

This kiss of my buddy is for all of you

Let’s make it the life’s great agenda, to make the world a better place,and if not for us for the future generations then.

God bless you all