Instagram – June 2nd, 2019

We’ve reported before that lion numbers are in decline across many African countries, so it was with delight that we read they are actually on the increase in some areas. Thank you again to @africanparksnetwork for making what sometimes seems like the impossible into a reality ❤️🦁 #Repost @africanparksnetwork with @get_repost
While @zakouma_national_park is known for its growing elephant herd, did you know that there are approximately 120 lions living there too? Large prides can often be found lounging in the shade avoiding the mid-day heat; feasting on fresh kills on the floodplains; or heard calling at night from the tourism lodges in the park. Lions are under threat across their range, with fewer than 20,000 remaining in Africa – but Zakouma and other parks under our management in Benin, Zambia, Malawi, Rwanda, DRC and even CAR, are slowly becoming refuges for Africa’s iconic but severely threatened cat. We’re pleased to be working with the @lionrecovery who have provided several grants to us, including in Zakouma, where we hope to answer critical questions and provide a bright future for Africa’s lions. 📷 @lifethroughalensphotography
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