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In difficult times, this little piece of news from the Care for Wild sanctuary in South Africa brought us happiness and joy. We hope it does for you too ️⁣🦏

Posted @withregram • @careforwild RIVER & BABY UPDATE

River’s little boy is the second calf to be born at Care for Wild Rhino Sanctuary in the last 3 weeks!

It’s another monumental step in rhino conservation. Both parents, River and Storm were orphaned by poachers when they were very young and have since been through an extensive rehabilitation and rewilding programme.

Just like Wyntir’s daughter born a few weeks ago, this little bull calf was both conceived and delivered naturally to parents who were not raised by their own mothers and who never knew the behavioural dynamics of wild crashes of rhinos. It’s an amazing and extremely humbling time.

This is just the beginning of another chapter in the fight to save rhinos.

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