Instagram – March 8th, 2019

Happy International Women’s Day! You might not know this but we are an all-women team at Empowers Africa so today has a special meaning for us. We have come together through our shared love for Africa and conserving her incredible places and people, and we are proud to support programs that empower women across the continent.

This Women’s Day we are celebrating @aluconservation ’s amazing initiative to grant 8 full-time scholarships to inspirational ladies and guide them into positions of leadership through their MBA programme. If you have someone in mind, nominate them for the scholarship through ALU’s instagram page and using the hashtag #nominateher.

Here’s to celebrating amazing women in Africa and around the world! 👧🏽👧🏼👧🏿 📸 by @asiliaafrica of the fabulous women of Dunia Camp