Instagram – March 8th, 2020

Happy International Women’s Day!⁣

And what better day to thank our amazing speakers who took to the stage at our annual event on Thursday: Angel Namshali from @asiliaafrica ‘s Dunia Camp, Amy Dickman from @ruahacarnivoreproject and Elizabeth Babalola from @alueducation

These three ladies are the trailblazers of African conservation and today, we honour them, and all the other women who work tirelessly to save Africa’s iconic species.⁣ Thank you to @klaraglowczewska of Town & Country for moderating the panel discussion! ⁣Also, a big thanks to @thewhisperingangel and @huntslonem for donating to our auction! We are externally grateful to everyone involved in the event and for supporting us in all that we do ⁣❤️

All photos by Rob Rich ⁣📸