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Most of you might know the Sheldrick Trust from their incredible work and rehabilitation of elephants. But conservation doesn’t stop with just one species and this is the inspiring story of a leopard that the team helped to rescue…. ⁣

A huge thank you to all involved for the team effort 🏼⁣

Posted @withregram • @sheldricktrust In the far reaches of the Tana River, a young leopard became caught in a trip snare. Unable to free herself, her incredible survival instincts had kicked into full gear and she had set upon the process of chewing off her own paw.

This was a mission for Sky Vets, our aerial veterinary initiative designed to treat wildlife in inaccessible areas. Without wings, we never would have been able to save the patient.

Join one of our pilots as he and the team fly to a remote corner of Kenya to give a young leopard her future back. Link in bio/stories 🐆


Our deepest thanks to Kenya Wildlife Service and Northern Rangelands Trust, who helped save this leopard’s life — and, of course, to our donors, who make these lifesaving treatments possible!

Photos Sheldrick Wildlife Trust

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