Instagram – May 5th, 2020

The balance of conservation, travel and tourism is always precarious and when faced with a situation like we are currently in, it’s more than important than ever to try to protect Africa’s wild spaces, places, people and wildlife. ⁣

We are so proud to work with organisations like @singita_ who, like many others across the continent, are continuing their commitment to the landscapes and wildlife populations so many know and love. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts⁣ 🙏🏼

Please read below and visit Singita’s profile to see how they are managing the global pandemic and the work they continue to do.
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One of the industries hit hardest by the current worldwide pandemic is travel and tourism, which are absolutely essential in the fight to secure Africa’s last remaining wild spaces.⁠
Despite the global health crisis and its ripple effects on the economy, we reaffirm our commitment to conserving Africa’s dwindling wilderness, despite the temporary loss of sustained sources of revenue caused by the lockdown.⁠
We cannot yield any ground in the battle to protect endangered species and restore key habitats – it is absolutely vital we keep these landscapes healthy and their wildlife populations safeguarded.⁠
Click the link in our bio to gain a greater understanding of how the coronavirus pandemic threatens decades of conservation work in Africa and why our non-profit partners – the organisations responsible for undertaking the conservation work on our behalf – need your support now more than ever.⁠
Photo: Singita Field Guide Gareth Poole⁠
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