Instagram – November 7th, 2019

Do you fancy a challenge?! We are delighted to have partnered with Wild Tomorrow Fund to support the remarkable Green Mamba initiative. We are matching donations up to $2150 to reach the total fundraising target of $4300, which is how much it costs for the Green Mambas to clear 188 acres of alien plants on Wild Tomorrow Fund’s nature conservancies. So, your challenge is to help Wild Tomorrow raise the initial $2150 – and we’ll match it! ⁣⁣
Please click on the link in our bio to make a donation. Thank you so much in advance⁣⁣ ❤️
Who are the Green Mambas?⁣⁣
The Green Mambas are a group of 14 local women from Kwa-Zulu Natal in South Africa, the majority of whom are single mothers with multiple children, employed and trained by Wild Tomorrow Fund to perform green and sustainable jobs. The ladies are being taught a variety of roles so they can be employed to earn additional income from Wild Tomorrow Fund, and hopefully in the future, other reserves.⁣⁣
What do they do?⁣⁣
Amongst other environmental jobs, the Green Mambas are currently clearing an alien plant, called Chromaelena odorata from Wild Tomorrow Fund’s Ukuwela Conservancy. Not only are the ladies working extremely hard and showing incredible dedication to the project, it is also proving to be more cost-effective and with a lower environmental impact (using 95% less herbicide) than Wild Tomorrow Fund’s previous year’s alien plant removal. A win-win situation!⁣⁣