Instagram – Oct 28, 2020 @ 16:35

It’s been almost a year since @georgetheexplorer shared this amazing sighting of a melanistic serval cat- and we are pleased to announce that Manja is alive and doing well! ⁣

Melanism- an increase in the dark coloured pigment, melanin, in skin or hair- in servals primarily occurs in the highland areas of East Africa. What made this sighting particularly unusual was the location, in the low lying areas of the Serengeti! A rare sighting made even more incredible. ⁣

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“Manja”, the black serval. Hard to believe that this moment was exactly 12 months ago today.

I’m delighted to report that “Manja” (named after the guide who first spotted him) is…. alive and well!

He went missing for quite some time — nearly 6 months in fact — and many had thought the worst. With plenty of threats in the area, it wouldn’t have been surprising. Manja, of course, continues defies logic and reappeared in the last few weeks!

Who knows, maybe he found love, swooped another serval off their feet with his dashing good looks, and we’ll have melanistic servals bouncing around soon. Wouldn’t that be nice?!

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